Your Working Environment and Motivational Techniques

Your environment can affect how efficiently you work!

It may not have crossed your mind before, but the way your office is organized can seriously affect how efficient your work is carried out. No matter what industry you work in, at some point during your job you’re going to have to come up with fresh, innovative ideas, especially if your job role is generally quite creative.

If you work from home, you may find it beneficial to your working attitudes because it’s a space that’s comfortable and caters perfectly to your needs. There are some issues you could face which could be preventing you from being as productive and imaginative as you can be. If you have a home office and no employees who work with you, you may sometimes be tempted to work from the sofa or your bed. When we settle down in front of the TV in the evening, we train our brains to relax, so if you’re getting comfortable on your bed, ready to relax into work, you’re decreasing your productivity levels. You could swing the opposite way, and train your brain to believe that the space you like to chill out is actually the place to work, so you could have problems sleeping if you occasionally do your work from the comfort of your bed!

Get out of your comfy clothes and into something you associate with being awake and ready to go and you’ll notice your work mode kick in far quicker.

Working in a stuffy office can be difficult at the best of times, so if your profession requires you to be creative and think outside of the box, staring at 4 magnolia colour walls for 8 hours a day may have a counter-productive effect and leave you feeling anything other than inspired! Other motivational techniques include making an effort to make your desk a little more fun. Add a bit of colour to brighten your mood; colourful post-it notes are a good way to start!  Ensure your desk is tidy too, as it eliminates distractions and keeps your mind tidy, too.

Other motivational techniques:

Keep hydrated – that biscuit you’re craving may just be a glass of water!

Simulate natural light as much as possible – it enhances concentration.

Stretch regularly!

Invest in ergonomic keyboards and short breaks in between typing sessions.