Workplace Wonder Tips

It’s all well and good setting up in a new office, with a delightful view and a spacious layout. However what is an office without personality? You need to design your workplace with not just a colourful appearance, but also practicality.

Here are a few tips to make your workplace more organised and simply cleaner looking:

Smart Storage – There is nothing worse than having your files and receipts all over the place in the office and being unable to find that one piece of work you’ve been looking for! Make sure you invest in some storage organisers such as stackable cabinets and document wallets; this will make your office clearer and files easier to find.

Note It Down – Have a colourful notepad by your side to ensure any thoughts or to-do lists are noted down instantly. Forgetting an idea or something work related can be frustrating.

Drawers, Drawers, Drawers – Your workspace is of course important for productivity, as it is the hub where most of your work is completed. With this being the case, having as much space as possible to work is important, try and implement as many drawers as possible to store your accoutrements away.

Hit The Wall – Don’t take this literally! The walls are a blank canvas that can be decorated with corkboards, planners and whiteboards. All of which can contribute to a more attractive workplace, as well as another source for displaying work.

Digital Storage – Nowadays digital is the way to go, however you will be surprised with the amount of offices that don’t have an external hard drive handy. It’s an innovative way to store memory and then transport it to another device and with a small compact size; it can be tucked away from sight with ease.

Many feel that an appealing office must be painted all different colours with decorations all over the place, however we at Dragon feel that simplicity is best. Contact us today to find out about our office spaces and then add your own personality to your workplace!


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