Why we love our office space…

…and why you should, too!


Are you thinking of upgrading, or just a change of scenery? Whatever your thoughts, we have the office space to rent in Essex! So why choose us?

At Dragon Enterprise and Self Storage Centre, we host a plethora of businesses and we’re not sure if it’s the free parking, convenience to local amenities or modern and functional kitchens that keep them coming back, but they do! We also have access control panels on all of our offices so you can feel secure in the knowledge that only designated individuals have admission to your building.

The best part of renting our open office space is that you can do exactly what you want to it! Please feel free to personalise your areas as you wish, perhaps in your company’s colours and throw a few pin boards up to get the creative juices flowing, or how about some chalkboard paint if you like to keep things fresh and interchangeable? When you rent office space in Essex with Dragon, you can make it personal to you.

Have you been working at home and feel that now is the time to make the big move from the living room floor? Most of us have been there, and although it may seem daunting at first, it’s an excellent step in the right direction. Do you sometimes pull an all-nighter or are you guilty of slumping over a laptop with a 102-degree temperature when you should have taken the day sick? By separating your home and office life, you can leave your work, well… at work! This means that you can truly focus on your own desk in your own space and create a routine that works for you. It might not turn back the time on our wrinkles but it’s miraculous what acquiring a good nights sleep can do for your disposition.

So should you be on the look our for office space to rent in Essex please contact our friendly team today.

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