Why Choose A Serviced Office?

If you’re a small or start up business, you’ll know that unless you have tens of thousands of pounds behind you, it can be difficult to keep on top of your outgoings. A serviced office is perfect for those who don’t necessarily have a staffing body or the funds big enough to manage and entire office by themselves.

A serviced office is cost effective and portrays a very professional image to your clients and potential business, but what else is it about a serviced office that draws so many business owners in?

More often than not, serviced offices come furnished with desks, chairs and other décor. In a normal commercial property this option wouldn’t be available. You’d be required to pay for your own broadband, telecoms and IT support, as well as provide your own furniture. Kitchen and refreshment facilities are also usually included as part of the price. All of these will work in your favour as usually the decoration will be quite high end, which typically is a lot better than an average start up can afford.

Your utility costs when you move into a serviced office will be dramatically lower than if you were to rent a commercial property. Your heating and electricity bills would usually be included as part of your monthly bill. You’d also not have to pay for cleaners, as there would be staff already hired to do this for you. The same goes for receptionist staff, so your outsourcing costs would be incredibly low. If you spend a lot of time in meetings, often a serviced office will have facilities available to you so you don’t have to spend extra money on entertaining your clients.

You are more likely to build close relationships with those who also rent offices in the same building, which means more business contacts for you. Networking is a great way to build relationships and free networking is never a bad thing!


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