Utility Storage Solutions From Harry Potter

4 June 2014 11:33 am Tags: , No Comments

As we all know Harry Potter is the underdog of the wizarding world – he started right at the bottom and now he’s, well, famous beyond recognition! Dragon HQ here in Witham has arranged an interview with Mr. Potter to discuss how he managed his storage issues when living in the small cupboard under the stairs at Privet Drive.  Harry’s previous abode wasn’t exactly the most spacious of living areas; so today he shares his utility storage solution ideas with us.


Q: So Mr. Potter, can I call you Harry? Tell me, with such a limited amount of space in your first room it must have become hard for you to store all your magical equipment when you discovered the powers you had. How did you manage to create space for it all when not at Hogwarts?

A: I’m naturally very creative but with the additional help of magic it was very easy to organize my space. I found myself a number of screw-top glass jars and glued them to the top of my room.  Whenever I needed things, I’d simply unscrew them and get what I wanted out of there. This was perfect for storing my smaller books, quills and ink.


Q: How did you find space for the larger items such as your brooms and cloak?


A: Ihad them tucked away in the corner, and kept things such as my broom in a small but long plant pot to keep it standing upright, and out of the way. Living in such a small area, I had to make use of the room I did have.  Keeping boxes up against the walls, which was not only space saving but safety conscious, was one of my most useful storage solutions.


Q: That’s an interesting storage solution you thought up there. Did you find it difficult finding space for all your newly acquired belongings?


A: At first yes, but I got rid of many muggle items I no longer needed and replaced them with all things Hogwarts. I personally like to store things in clear draws and organizers so I could see through them and find exactly what I was looking for without having to do any magic; it can get very draining remembering all the different spells!


If unlike Harry, you need a little more space that a cupboard under the stairs, then please contact us at Dragon Storage for all of your storage solutions.