Top Tips for Storage Boxes

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At Dragon we supply all kinds of packaging, this includes tape, bubble wrap and even black marker pens! However when it comes to packing boxes, we see a lot of concern from our customers. It is important to know exactly how to package your equipment using boxes and what precautions must be put into place.

Using boxes inadequately can be disastrous, so have a look at some our do’s and don’ts to help you:

1. Use sturdy boxes, or ensure the box is full to the brim, this way you can stack boxes on top of each other with ease.
2. Label boxes clearly, displaying “Fragile” or ‘This side up” to prevent mishandling.
3. Surround possessions in the box with newspaper or bubble wrap, this will ensure fragile items will remain protected.
4. Tape around the boxes adequately, paying attention to the base.
Storage Witham
1. Don’t overfill any boxes, it will be too heavy to lift and may break if it is under too much weight.
2. Use new boxes, like the ones Dragon provide, rather than old and damp boxes. This ensures the packaging doesn’t break and your equipment is kept in good condition.
3. We mentioned that newspapers protect your items in storage, however be careful when using newspaper as wrapping, as it can smudge onto your goods.
4. Make sure heavy items are stored at the bottom of the box, with lighter goods placed on top. With this method, lighter goods will not be harmed.

It has to be said, plenty of this points are common sense, however it is surprising how many people will not package their items adequately.

If you are looking for packaging or any guidance on your storage, then contact Dragon Self Storage today!

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