Tips For Good Office Space

Are you looking to rent office space in Essex? Although it shouldn’t be too difficult a task there are a few deliberations you should take into account when making this business changing decision.

Location, length of lease, transportation links and parking, the top four practical considerations, and this is where your head should really triumph over your heart. Both of Dragon’s Witham and Leigh-on- Sea office spaces are in fantastic locations, central to towns and transport hubs with our Witham offices only a two-minute walk from the main train station. The majority of our leases are one year with the option to continue or we can cancel a contract if given one month’s notice- perfect for the smaller growing businesses that need to upgrade to our larger office spaces. We also have on-site car parking for those of you who drive or car-pool, so what’s not to love?

Now for the particulars; we have open plan office spaces at Dragon Enterprise but it’s your call if you choose to erect partitioning desks for a focused feel or if you like to keep your environment fresh and free flowing. Whichever you choose, the flexibility to redesign the interior, dependant on your business or employees is there.

What does your office space say about you? We spend more time at work than we do anywhere else, so it’s important that we have our creature comforts to hand. In a recent study it was proven that social space is incredibly important to staff, so it’s worth considering a break out area. Local amenities, such a the supermarket opposite our Witham office are a godsend when you need to grab an extra pint of milk, sate a chocolate craving or if you just need a quick walk to stretch your legs. Our office space is fully adaptable, so if it’s hanging pictures, dotting around some houseplants or a lick of paint you’re after, the choice is yours.

Please contact our friendly team for information on the offices we have available to rent at Dragon Enterprise Centre.


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