The Perfect Desk Space

Are you lacking inspiration and creativity?

Sometimes, the best inspiration can come from the way your surroundings look. Desk space is one of the greatest providers of innovation and creativity, and these are two of the most important parts to any job, no matter what industry you work in. Success only comes from working hard, and how can you work hard if you hate the space you work in?

‘I’d have a Newton’s Cradle on my desk, as I enjoy the precision of it, and they make me feel efficient. I love the sound of a chunky slate coaster; it keeps me focused, and an angle pois is the perfect accent to an otherwise simple workspace.’

‘The first thing I must have is a white space to work with. A desk I can doodle on freely as if it’s a sheet of paper, so I can write things down as I go, and mood boards to help spur me on creatively. I love little kitsch rubbers and colourful stationary too.’

‘A tiny fish tank is a must; if I have a stressful moment I can calm myself down for five minutes while watching them go about their day. I’d also stack my books and notepads separately but in colour order, so everything flows nicely. Lastly, I’d have to make sure I had a cup and saucer – Beauty and the Beast, anyone?’

‘I need greenery on my desk; small potted plants like bonsai tress. I love pin-boards and would use them to keep me organised. Also, what desk would be complete without Sea Monkeys? ‘

‘Everything must be simple. As little on my desk as possible, aside from something to aspire to, to push me during my day and colourful accessories to brighten my space up.’

‘I’d go retro. All I need is a lava lamp, a pinball machine and a set of minions (of the Despicable Me variety, that is). This would keep me inspired for hours; I’d never want to leave!’

‘Lots of space is first and foremost to me. A messy desk is a messy mind, and nobody needs that when they’re working. I’d need lots of things to write on because you never know when inspiration will strike, and bright colours are important too!’

‘I’d love a very white space, with plenty of storage. I’d have pictures and inspirational quotes on the wall, with a chalkboard calendar and a vase of flowers; they keep things fresh. I’d also have to make sure I had Pinterest open at all times. Lots of stationary is a must.’

So there you have it. Different things inspire everyone, and as soon as you find your main source, your success is inevitable! At Dragon Enterprise and Self Storage, you can customise your office however you wish, so your employees work to their optimum at all times! Call us today to find out more.