Strange Things Found In Storage Units

18 June 2014 11:07 am Tags: , No Comments

Many people rent out storage units with the ordinary intention of stockpiling old paperwork, seasonal items, or just a few bits and bobs that have been cluttering up the house. However there are some darker, and dare we say it, more interesting storage unit tenants that put away some curious artifacts. When occupants choose not to pay up on their units rent, the storage space and its contents are often put up for auction, or the space is cleared out to be used again.

Some of the discoveries made when riffling through a unit can be slightly disconcerting, or even baffling, as lots of very weird things are found in storage units.

We at Dragon Storage have done some stockpiling of our own, so here are five weird things found in storage units

1. A Dead body

Believe it or not, this discovery has been made in several units and is no longer a surprise to many storage hunters. If not a corpse in a coffin, it could be an urn packed with a loved one’s ashes. In one a case, a family kept their dead grandmother embalmed in a coffin for over 17 years!

2. A live hand grenade

Yes, you read that correctly. A live hand grenade has been found in a storage unit! The gentleman who uncovered it immediately phoned the police, who then dispatched the bomb squad, who pinpointed if it was dormant and ensured that it wouldn’t cause harm to anybody.

3. Thousands of pounds. In Cash!

You can imagine the delight of the winning bidder on this unit. Trawling through the boxes, slowly starting to regret handing over their hard earned dosh for futile reasons, only to stumble upon thousands of pounds, and a few rare coins to boot. The total worth of everything inside the storage unit was more than half a million! Which I don’t think is a bad bargain, considering only £1,000 was paid for the contents.

4. Old space equipment

A NASA rocket and countdown clock was both found in a storage unit, after a space program they were being used for was discontinued.

5. Rare cars

A few years ago, a 1937 Bugatti 57S that had been left untouched for 50 years was stumbled upon. The Bugatti was extremely rare (only one of few) and subsequently valued at almost £9 million!