Storing Your Summer Items

You might not like the thought of it but winter is coming, no matter how much you think it isn’t! The ever-changing seasons we have cause a multitude of problems, for example where to store your surfboard or those garish Hawaiian shirts? There’s no point clogging up your back room with a massive surfboard or shirts that you won’t wear until your next holiday.

Then the hard decision of what you need to put into storage for winter, will it be your beloved BBQ or your windbreak for the beach you can put it all in our units. But take into mind some storage tips that will help you to maximise your storage space.

–       Stack your storage space to the celling; make sure you put the heavy items at the bottom to crate a stable base.

–       Keep the items that you need regularly at the front of the unit so that you can easily access them.

–       Keep some basic tools around in your storage space just incase you have to dismantle some furniture or put something back together.

–       Make sure your boxes are kept at least an inch away from the walls to allow for proper air circulation.

–       Protect any furniture that you are storing in your storage space with protective materials designed specifically for this use.

–       If you are storing the lawnmower over the winter or any of equipment that uses petrol or other fuel then make sure to remove the fuel before storing it, if you don’t it will cause nasty fumes to spread around your unit.

Now all that’s left is to get in contact with us and choose what’s going into your storage space.