Store Your Winter Items With Us

Summer; time to pop on your sunnies, pick up your SPF30 and hit the coast. The amount of families renting/buying holiday homes for the summer is constantly increasing, and if you’re thinking of doing the same, Dragon Self Storage are ready to support you. After buying all of your furniture and accessories for your holiday home, we are ready to help you store them during the winter months. After all, your belongings are a personal thing, they deserve the best care.

Perhaps you are looking to store your utensils for the winter months; possibly pots and pans, bedding, cutlery etc? Then we would make a dragon recommendation to take a look at our 10 or 25 square foot storage units: perfect for small belongings including your suitcases, books, beach equipment, possibly even your portable barbeque!

Our 50 square foot units are roughly the size of a small studio flat, good to store furniture including mattresses, tables and chairs and other types of furniture. So if you fancy storing more, then we hold the answer for you. Our larger storage units could potentially be the size of your holiday home itself, so if you want to store your holiday home, then you know who to call! (We’re pulling your leg, of course.)

The winter months can be a little while, it is Britain after all, so if you commit with us on a 6 month contract and the second month is paid in advance, we will give you your first month FREE! Who can resist a bargain, right? If you need a little help moving your belongings from A to B, we can help you along too, with our handy man-with-a-van, with hourly and daily hire available across Essex.

So, are you thinking of buying a holiday home? Then rest easy knowing that we will be here for support!

Have a look a our website or contact us if you need to find out more.