Store Your Books With Dragon

Reading is a pastime which a lot of us enjoy on a regular basis. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a book and reading can take you to a place completely free of all the stresses of life. Since the Kindle has been invented, for some the book has become an unnecessary object. It’s a sad time, but the book is slowly losing its purpose and is becoming nothing more than a dust collector. What, though, do you do with your books if they’re taking up too much space on your cabinet?

Books should be stored in a location which is well ventilated and free from pests. You should ensure that this area is not subject to becoming very hot or very cold in a short space of time. This will stop mould from growing, and stops pages IMG_0823from coming loose and falling out. Keeping them in humid spaces also encourages mould growth. Keeping your books away from sunlight will ensure they don’t become discoloured.

When storing your books, it’s a good idea to wrap them in plastic, foil or newspaper, to protect them from dirt or dust. Wrapping them individually will keep them at their best.

Try to pack your books tight in a small to medium sized box. Make sure the books are either lying flat or upright, but never on their spine or edges, as you will disfigure the book and damage the pages. It might be an idea to place heavier books flat at the bottom of the box. Make sure you know how heavy each box is, and try not to over fill them. Books are heavier than they seem when compact in boxes, and lifting them could cause you severe damage.

Placing boxes of books on shelves or palettes will ensure they aren’t damaged by any potential and accidental floods.

Dragon Self Storage is temperature controlled and indoors, and offers clean and dry storage, no matter how many books you want to store; we could house a library if you wanted us to!