Storage Solutions from Smaug the Dragon!

When thinking of effective storage solutions, many of us consider the use of small boxes under our beds or perhaps the use of a cupboard, tucked neatly away. In truth, most of our valuable possessions can be protected with a combination of these conventional means, but what if you simply have too many precious items to store safely. What if your lifetime has spanned over a few hundred years and your collection of riches happens to be beyond mortal comprehension?

If this sounds like a problem you face on a daily basis then Dragon Storage may have found the solution for you! We recently travelled over and beyond, to a place known as the Lonely Mountain to interview a very special guest, Smaug the Dragon from the Hobbit, with an unusual method for storage solutions.

Dragon Storage – ‘For many years now a shadow has been moving slowly across Middle Earth, mountain trolls have ventured into the low lands, spiders have taken control of the weeping woods and a man who fancies himself a neromancer has moved into Dol Guldur. All the while a genuine pioneer of effective storage solutions has remained hidden, until now. Smaug, chief of calamities, thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your mountain home.’

Smaug – ‘Not at all. Not at all.’

Dragon Storage– ‘So Smaug, tell me….truthfully, what is your secret to effective storage solution? How have you managed to keep such a vast collection of treasure safe and secure for so many years? I understand this was once the grand hall of king Thrain II, was it not?

Smaug – ‘Do you think flattery will keep you alive?’

Dragon Storage – ‘Well I……’

Smaug – [chuckles]…’ Relax. I have eaten my fill, the entire population of Lake Town to be precise, so you are safe. Regarding my riches, I find that sleeping amongst my gold helps keep it safe, not to mention warm. Whilst another important trick to remember is installing fear in your enemies.

Dragon Storage– ‘And how would you go about that?’

Smaug – ‘Well I made quite an entrance when I took this mountain. Many dwarves lost their lives as a result of my wrath. My conquest of the Lonely Mountain led to the birth of my legend and helped keep dwarvish scum and thieves away for many years. It also helps to have a number of terrifying catch phrases like my teeth are swords, my claws are spears, my wings are a hurricane. Or something to that effect….’

Dragon Storage– ‘Truly terrifying, so a mixture of fear and 24 hour security has ensured your riches stay secure?’

Smaug – ‘That and an impenetrable entrance, there is only one way in and out of this mountain and it has been sealed since I claimed this Kingdom for my own.’

Locknut – ‘So what do you do for food? I’m curious, if there is no way in or out.’

Smaug – ‘Hibernation. I tried the 42,000 calorie a day helpless dwarf diet but it turns out I have a sensitive stomach. I’m considering going vegan. ‘

Locknut – ‘ A vegan dragon, interesting. Well Smaug thank you for your time, it has been a pleasure you truly are a connoisseur of storage solutions, this grand hall is exquisite and comfortably houses your treasure and then some. I will be sharing this information with the folks back home, I’m sure it will spark a renaissance of storage experts looking to follow your example.’

In the mean time, if you require a safe secure facility with which to secure your belonging then Dragon Storage should be your first port of call. Our state of the art warehouses offer ground entrance and a variety of individual storage units suited to meet your every need. So please contact us today.