Storage in Cold Weather

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Storing items in cold weather

During winter, storing your items can become difficult. The season brings snow, rain and high, bitter winds, so sometimes a loft or the garden shed doesn’t quite make the cut.

Places with high humidity increases the risk of all kinds of pests and hazards. Rats, mice and even birds are commonly found in loft spaces because of the humid climate. Rust and corrosion is a common problem when storing belongings. The damp conditions brought with the winter period mean your belongings are more likely to be damaged and affected by rust. Mould and mildew are problems in almost any season. Mould can damage things for life and can leave an awful smell, which isn’t ideal for belongings you want to keep, or will need to use again in the future.

A factor to consider is how long you’ll need to put your things in storage for. If it’s a long period of time, a climate controlled area is always highly recommended. You may own things which are of high value, or possess sentimental items or family heirlooms which are irreplaceable.

Climate sensitive items include:IMG_0832

Collectibles – antiques, artwork, classic cars and wines

Electronics – Audio equipment, cameras, stereos and computers

Household – Appliances, family heirlooms, historical records

Media – CDs, negatives, photographs and photo albums, DVDs

Sensitive Materials – Books, glass, leather, metal and plastics

Poor temperature control can have an extremely negative effect on your belongings. If you’re storing wooden items, the constant changes in heat will cause the wood to expand and contract, which could cause the wood to crack, tear and warp. Fabrics and papers could turn yellow and become flimsy, and could be subject to mould and mildew stains. Electronics could be ruined by damp or extreme cold, and the sound or picture quality of audio or visual equipment may be warped on usage.

Dragon Storage is a temperature controlled environment which means your belongings won’t be compromised!