Self Storage – The Simple and Honest Solution

2 September 2014 4:24 pm Tags: , No Comments

We at the Dragon Enterprise and Self Storage Centre have done a little research, and we’ve found that a self-storage craze is currently sweeping the nation. The storage centre mania in fact began in 1960’s America, and the fantastic storage solutions swooped over to the UK in the 1990’s, with storage units popping up in bulk. Why though, is it such a big deal? Self-Storage is the perfect temporary solution for you, no matter what your circumstance. Dragon believes in convenience, hence why our two centres have fantastic links to London. Wherever you live in Essex, we can make a guarantee that a Dragon Self Storage Centre would be just a little drive (or train ride) away. Find out more about our Witham and Leigh-On-Sea sites here.

Researching further, statistics show that customers are leaving their belongings in self-storage for longer and longer- out of sight is out of mind, right? Dragon Self Storage also believe in honesty and transparency, hence why you will never be treated as just another name on the books. We will take personal care when it comes to looking after your belongings, and you can trust us to keep you in the loop. We will gladly let you know the prices, terms and conditions and amount of time you have been with us for. We will never try convince you to stay longer than you need to, after all, trusting us with your belongings is of course a personal matter. If you’re looking for a storage company who will keep you in the light, then you needn’t look further.

Many interior design trends now focus on clear lines, simplicity and space, and any ‘junk’ has to be put out of sight. With many home owners now opting for the ‘minimal’ look, self-storage again happens to be the solution. However, like mentioned before, we strive to keep a relationship with our customers. No information will be held from you, and don’t worry about any financial surprises; we’ll keep complications to a minimum- easy as black and white!

So are you looking for a simple and honest storage solution? Call us today on 01376 388522.

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