Protecting Your Treasures at Dragon Self-Storage

When you are moving house it is easy to become impatient; you just want to throw all of your stuff together and go. However there will also be a part of you that inwardly screams as you realise the amount of valuables you own and you stand in the midst of chaos wondering where on earth you are going to find a mountain of bubble wrap that doesn’t cost you the earth, the moon and your right arm.

But stop! Before you completely lose it let me tell you about some great packaging deals we have at Dragon which will help you – whether you’re moving into one of our storage units or simply moving house we can support you.

At Dragon we have a range of packaging options available all to help you on your big day. Anything from small boxes to boxes your kitchen sink could fit into, plastic boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

Our Bubble wrap arrives in different sized rolls and ranges from £6.50-£25.00 which means you can take as much or as little as you like for a cheap price. Our bubble wrap is safely locked away in our company unit to ensure the highest quality product.

We also sell other items such as marker pens, safety packing knives, shrink wrap and dust sheets to protect your items when moving in, moving out or storing them. Our marking pens are durable and are the perfect solution to a potential muddle of boxes.

Our enterprise centre is the one stop shop for all of your storage and moving needs. To talk to someone who can help and will be more than happy to assist and what can prove to be a very difficult time please call us on 01376 388 522 four our Witham branch, or 01702 511 222 for our Leigh on Sea branch.