Plants in the Workplace

Have you ever thought about decorating with plants in the workplace? Research has been undertaken for two years, and the results linked to flowers in the workplace are incredible.

Incorporating plants in the workplace is a good idea for a number of reasons. There are psychological and physical benefits which all of us could benefit from.

Plants in the workplace have proven to have an effect on the psychological wellbeing of staff. Studies show that they reduce psychological and physiological stress and encourage a more positive mood. They also helped workers to strengthen their ability to re-focus their attention on the task in hand and improved their performance on cognitive tasks.

In this study, flowers in the workplace were also shown to decrease the levels of illness. Reports of fatigue, headache, concentration problems, coughs, sore throats, stuffy noses, eye irritation and dry skin had decreased by over 40%, so decorating your office or cubicle with some foliage could be preventing you from using up all of your sick days!

Due to the nature of the workplace, a lot of us work in environments where the only lighting available is artificial, and a lack of windows means the space is quite stuffy. Luckily, there are plants to suit every workplace environment! If you think about putting these plants in the workplace, you’ll be making the right decision, as they’re almost impossible to kill, so not sitting near a window and forgetting to water them every now and then won’t leave you with a row of dead leaves.

Spider Plant has loads of health benefits, including improving air quality and reducing stress, so if you have high shelves, this plant is perfect for you. Peace Lilies look pretty and also improve air quality. They have been proven to remove more volatile pollutantss than any other houseplant (almost) so it’s well worth looking into!

Lemon Balm is perfect if you sit right by a window, and if you sit nowhere near one, as it can adapt to lots of sunlight and lots of shade. Lemon Balm is also proven to boost mood and wellness, so it’s well worth giving it a go. If you are lacking in light, Golden Pothos grows very well in low light situations.

Philodendron may be great for the health of you and your colleagues. It’s been proven to absorb up all the excess carbon dioxide we breathe out, which means you’re concentration levels will be on the up and headaches and drowsiness will be a thing of the past!

If you fancy decorating with plants in the workplace, we hope these tips have helped you decide!