Perks of a Business Conference

6 January 2014 1:33 pm Tags: , , , , No Comments

We are holding our first ever business conference on the 27th January at 12pm at our Leigh-on-Sea site and our first guest speaker is Jim Jordan, a master business coach. Business seminars give guests the opportunity to listen to experts in their fields and gain advice and support from someone who potentially has years of experience in their own field.

So why should you go to a business event?

Ø This may not seem like a good thing but by distancing yourself from your business for a few hours may give you the opportunity to come up with ideas that will be able to push your business forward by learning and listening to new people that you meet at the event.IMG_0819

Ø You not only get to meet and network with others but you may be able to pick up hints, tips and learn from the mistakes that others have made. You also find that your business and others brings about partnerships and other business that you may otherwise not get!

Ø Seminars are usually given by experts in industry, meaning that you are highly likely to benefit from the talks and will probably come away just a little bit wiser.

If you are still wondering whether the conference will be valuable to your time and money then why not consider that the topic is about. If the seminar and guest speaker is a chiropractor then it the seminar may only benefit those in that field of work! If however the seminar is a business coach, like Dragon’s seminar at the end of the month, the topic is relevant to any business that is looking to improve in 2014.

So if you are thinking of getting out into the business world, then a business seminar may just be the way to start. What about starting by attending our seminar at our Leigh-On-Sea site!