Packaging Materials in Essex

Packaging for your items

Going cheap will affect your items long term!

Moving and storing your items can prove to be an extremely stressful time for you and your family. Taking down furniture and packing away valuables is at best tedious, however it is important to make sure you pack them correctly and in something that will be able to take the weight of your items! You have all probably seen Rodney and Del boy moving their items about and expensive items smashing on the floor from over packing boxes or thinking your very heavy vase will be okay in a flimsy box! Don’t be one of these people and purchase the correct box according to your needs. If you are looking into what boxes to purchase, you need to understand that certain cardboard boxes are better for packing and holding

Single wall boxes are great for packing and storing light items, but remember, don’t over pack them! They are only good for small light items. These items are packaged to keep them safe during removal and storage.

Double walled cardboard boxes are generally considered much more robust and are able to hold much heavier items. They are also generally stronger boxes and are a lot more resistant to crushing, especially if you are packing boxes on top of one another.

With our wealth of experience we understand that this time can be stressful, check out our top tips below to make your move or storage easier:

Make sure you have loads of bubble wrap, sticky tape, anything you can use to seal things and wrap anything fragile to keep safe, so that if it was to fall there isn’t the threat of it breaking.
Pack everything you can into boxes as it’s easier to store items in the unit.
If you’re storing furniture that can be disassembled, break it down. Whole bookshelves and wardrobes take up an unnecessary amount of space.
If there are items you are likely to need, put then right at front of your removal van or storage unit.
At Dragon, not only do we have a large variety of storage units, we want to offer our customers the full package, excuse the pun, by having all your packaging needs under one roof. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and sticky tape, if you need to pack your items, we have what you need. So why not contact us?