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Need a virtual office in Essex?

A small business needs a professional touch, which a home office cannot always provide. If you live in Witham, Maldon, Chelmsford and surrounding areas, we can offer you a Virtual Office to take your phone calls, receive all post and packages and organise all correspondence, so you create the illusion that your business is larger than it is. A home office is perfect for saving money on overheads and suits the average start up business owner perfectly, but it doesn’t always give a corporate impression to the public if your business contracts and cheques are being sent to a home address.

If you are a busy tradesman, or spend a lot of time away from a telephone, there’s a chance you are missing phone calls which could be business opportunities. If you don’t have a member of staff on hand to answer those phone calls, or do not have the facilities to deal with them straight away, Dragon Enterprise Centre’s Virtual Office is the perfect solution to your business needs.

Dragon Enterprise Centre can be used as the postal address for you company, allowing packages and important mail to be collected and managed on your behalf. Everything we receive for you will be logged and stored until you’re able to collect it. Sometimes busy schedules can get in the way of menial administrative duties, whuch is why we have highly trained office staff on hand to assist you wherever they can.

For just £19.99 + VAT per month, on a monthly rolling basis, it’s a step toward success for your business.

To set-up your virtual office click here or for more information, call 01702 511222 or contact us using our contact form