Office Space in Essex

Nowadays it is not at all unusual for an individual to work from home, or even run their own business from their living room! It saves transportation costs and makes the whole ‘working life’ a lot simpler.

However, moving out of the home office to a large exciting office space, such as the ones Dragon offer, has many benefits… · Renting a space in a business centre where you have a kitchen, furniture and telephone lines already equipped in the facility will save a lot of money in the long term.

· Overheads, such as electricity, are usually included in the rent paid. So you won’t be receiving any nasty surprises regarding your phone bill.

· Working in a sophisticated office space with desks and what not looks much more professional than working from home in your pyjamas. You will also appear professional to clients.IMG_0822

· The social factor that comes from working in an office is most definitely a benefit. As you are in constant communication with co-workers and other staff, which can only be good for both you and your business.

· Finally, working in an office separates your working life from home life. You will work to stricter hours and when you go home you can truly relax. Whereas having a home office, you can work whatever hours you like at any time of the day and sometimes blurring the lines will result in never truly switching off.

Having an external workplace rather than a home office appears a lot more professional. It makes you excited for work, by being able to wear smart clothes and crack on with business.

If you are tired from working from home and looking to rent an office space, get in touchwith us here at Dragon, we can find the perfect space to suit you!