Making your office space your own

19 September 2014 12:04 pm Tags: , , No Comments

Are you looking to move into an office, but you just don’t know what to do with it? If so, sit back and delve into a list of strategies I have come up with for bringing out the full potential of your office space.

  1. Make full use of the light and space you have available to you.

It is a common fact that morale levels can influence the productivity of employees, so it important not to block out any sources of natural light with unnecessary furniture, plants and blinds if natural light is said to affect the mood and happiness of workers. Perhaps, instead of positioning your work stations in the centre of the office, you should place them near the windows instead.

  1. Incorporate break-out spaces

If your office space is large enough, I advise that you incorporate communal areas that employees can break away from to eat their lunch, or use for meetings. It is possible to achieve this by using meeting tables, carpets and soft furnishings, where possible, such as a sofa, which is noticeably different from the desks that employees work at.

  1. Incorporate storage areas without scarifying space

Personally, I find it most difficult to work in mess, so I recommend dedicating areas in your office for preparing food and eating food, if possible. Otherwise there is the risk that employees will start to eat their lunch at their desks. Not only will this make a mess, but employees may become more relaxed about when their lunch break is, reducing productivity levels as a result.

  1. Invest in suitable furniture

It is very important to think seriously about the type of furniture you choose to have in your office. There is the small matter of taking the staff’s morale and health into consideration. When buying a chair to have in the office, it needs to be comfortable to avoid demotivating staff, which will ultimately affect productivity levels. Further to this, it may also reduce the amount of sick days, taken by staff, because of back pain.

  1. Consult your employees

Who is better to tell you what is needed in an office, than those spending most of their time in it? What may seem like a great design idea on paper may not work as well in reality, so it is important to receive feedback from your workers regularly. Where your employees spend so much time in the office they are going to be best placed to make practical suggestions to make your office a more enjoyable working area.

When designing your office space I would strongly advise not rushing any decisions that need to be made, regarding the positioning of furniture and the type of furniture you incorporate into your office, as it can influence your staffs’ motivation and productivity levels.

To help find your perfect space in our place, and make your own, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!