Interview with the Dragon

With winter fast approaching we have set up an interview with our very own dragon Drago about how he is preparing for the winter months ahead. So please give Drago a warm welcome.


Q: Hello Drago, how are you?

A: Hello, I am very well thank you, just getting prepared for the winter.

Q: The winter months mean that temperatures are going to plummet into the abyss (Well the low single figures), but how do you prepare for the winter?

A: Well I start by organising all the items that I use during the summer that I won’t require in the winter to put into my storage unit, to clea

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r out room for all those winter essentials. For example, I’ll put my surfboard and sunglasses into my storage unit, so I can make room at home for my warm winter coats and skiing equipment. I still make sure that I keep the items I may need at the front of my storage unit so I can reach them.


Q: Most Dragons fly south for the winter, what makes you stay here during the cold spells?

A: I have to stay to run my successful glass blowing business, without me the business wouldn’t be able to run. But my office space makes staying during the winter months a whole lot easier as I look forward to coming into it everyday.

Q: How do you keep your office warm during the winter months?

A: Well when I’m not breathing fire to help shape the glass the office can get cold so I make sure I do all I can do to keep my office warm for my loyal employees by utilising the central heating systems and if the temperature really plummets I get out the space heaters, a cold work force means an unproductive work force.

Thank you very much Drago for your time, if you want to find out more about Drago’s self storage and office space then head over to

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