How To Train Your Dragon

Here at Dragon Enterprise Centre we naturally we have an interest in … well… Dragons.

As we are sure you know we supply office space and self-storage solutions in Essex.
We are certain you are also aware that the second part of ‘How to Train your Dragon’ has hit the UK and as expected, it’s caused a storm.

So how would you train your dragon?

· Reign in the fire. You cannot suppress a dragon’s impulse to breathe fire, but what you can do is provide safeguards. Perhaps you could consider one of our offices with an adjoining meeting room. By placing you new team member in this room, should he release an impulsive fireball when he reaches his target you can rest assured he will not demolish the rest of your unsuspecting team.

· Space. Dragons can be pretty hefty (but I wouldn’t advice telling them that.) Luckily for you we offer offices of varying sizes. From a one man office perfect for a start up to a twelve man office for those of you who are established. There is no need to worry; if your office requires an additional extra room for your scaly new employee who is carrying a few extra pounds we can accommodate him or her.

· Fear. Understandably Dragons can strike fear in the hearts of even the brave, so the reaction to your toothy new receptionist may well scare off your clients. Luckily for you, our Essex residents benefit from our reception service. We are so warm and welcoming that by the time we take them to your office they won’t even notice the hulking one in the corner.

If you are looking for office space in the Southend or Witham/ Braintree area; do get in contact with us today and we will see how we can assist you with taking your business to a blazing new level.