How To Conserve Space

25 June 2014 10:51 am Tags: No Comments

Knowing how to conserve space is a tricky task that can take some time to master, especially if you live in a small house. However, Dragon Enterprise and Self Storage Centre are here to help! We are space conservation pros, and can help you make the most of any space big, small, or anything in between. A lot of people have more space than they realise – you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in that cupboard under the stairs (remember Harry Potter?) any space can be utilized, just put some time and thought into it!

Stackables are your new best friend.

Bunk beds, floating shelves above your bed, even just stacking magazines/books instead of storing them horizontally. Getting ‘floating’ furniture is incredible help, as your attaining adequate storage space without sacrificing floor space. Floating furniture is furniture that isn’t obviously attached to anything, such as shelves that are attached to the walls by using fixtures on the side closest to the wall. Find an example here.

Under bed storage = no chance of unwanted people hiding there.

It’s a no brainer – if your bed has space underneath, use it! Use this space to store shoes or items you don’t reach for as often. Some people may invest in under bed drawers as this allows you to reach things easier if you want the items that are underneath often, but having plain space is fine if you’re willing to rummage now and then!

Drawer dividers.

Drawer dividers are a surprising help in terms of conserving space, when things are just shoved into drawers you’re not making the most of the space given. When your belongings are organised and neat you’ll be surprised how much space it frees up! Use every space centimeter of space you have, don’t leave any to go to waste, especially if you often find yourself stuck for space.

Dragon understands that even if you do know how to conserve space there still may not be enough room – get in contact to find out about one of out self-storage units. We have many different sizes to accommodate for your every need, you can also use the tips mentioned about stacking in your storage unit to free up the area!