Have you considered coworking?

13 April 2015 2:51 pm Tags: , , No Comments

Coworking continues to be popular with entrepreneurs as it provides the benefit of communal work areas, shared conference rooms and break areas at a more affordable rate, helping reduce overheads and cash flow. It can also be a massive help to new business start-ups who can literally sign the contract and get straight to selling their service or product, without worrying about finances.

Coworking can remove the burden of any long-term commitment and gives flexibility.

It’s the other expenses incurred when renting an office that can have an impact on the business: will it either sink or swim, is the risk worth taking?

Coworking can help your business grow faster by expanding your personal and professional networks.

Coworkers tend to be hard working and focused but the communal areas facilitate conversation and the sharing of information.

In a recent survey conducted by Deskmag it was reported that coworkers were more productive, creative and innovative. In another survey it reported that 70% felt healthier and felt more relaxed when at home.

The Guardian reported that freelancing can be a lonely business and coworking among freelancers was becoming popular for the more sociable. The number of coworkers has increased globally by 117% according to the Global Coworking Survey.

It is reported that 40% of the workforce will be freelance or entrepreneurs by 2020.

While working from home could appear to be the solution, coworking removes the distractions of friends and family helping you to focus and be more productive.

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