Had Your Office Planned For 2014?

A recent survey showed that over the last half of 2013 business confidence across the UK has remained consistently flat. This basically suggests that overall, small businesses in particular haven’t thrived in their fields, and have run at the same pace they did at the beginning of the year. With this in mind, the only businesses that will continue to flourish are those who are willing to take risks and step outside of the box.

Have you made any plans for the new year? If so, have you considered these points in your planning?

Those companies who trade domestically do not tend to report anything exciting, in comparison to those who decide to expand or start dealing with overseas clients. Between 2010 and 2012, China, Brazil, India and Mexico have been the leaders in global confidence. This year, however, the UK has soared. You should maybe consider attracting business leads from the US, Japan and Africa, as these are countries which are thriving in business confidence.

More and more people are using smartphone and tablets for everyday browsing, with the primary source IMG_0824of information and clicks coming from social media and email. When designing your website and emails, you should ensure they look just as good on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop computer.

Within this survey, it is suggested that around a quarter of UK small businesses plan to expand their staffing body by at least 25%, with this figure almost doubling in growth economies. If you’re looking to build on your business, a competitive salary isn’t always something people are looking out for. Flexible work environments is becoming more sought after than ever, with people building families and looking to cut down on travel costs in order to save as much money as possible. You should consider looking for new office space more local to all of your staff – somewhere easy to travel to. Flexible working hours is also something you should offer. Those with young children especially specifically look for flexibility. This also encourages high morale within the work environment.

Serviced offices are becoming a much sought after service. Having somebody available to greet clients, take your post and set up meeting rooms is becoming more important than ever, with small, busy businesses lacking the staff and time to do everything at once. Dragon Enterprise Centre has fully serviced offices, complete with conference rooms and kitchen facilities. If you’re looking to expand and change your business in 2014, contact Dragon today.