Fairy Tales At Dragon Self Storage

Ah, the classic fairy tales that helped us snuggle into bed at night. The stories that sealed our bedtime and promised us sweet dreams. But let’s get real, it’s the 21st century everyone, happily ever afters don’t seem to be as simple as the ones binded in storybooks. Isn’t it funny how there never seems to be a realistic sequel to the ultimate Disney- coated fantasies? To be quite honest with you, we find it quite intriguing. But we’re all in luck, our Dragon Self Storage hunters have managed to dig up historical evidence of diary entries of Cinderella herself, holding treasurable information of how her life unravelled after the ‘happily ever after’. Where did we find it you ask? Under the floorboards of our very own Witham branch.

January 1st 1609:

“I’ve woken to a wonderful mood, my dear Charming has left me with 2 new horses, 5 new emerald broaches and a chest of jewels that will be custom made into 10 new pendants and a new crown. Still, not as much as last week but I’m sure he’ll make it up to me. I’ve been a good wife lately, I didn’t speak a word at the grand feast celebrating Queen Elsa of Arendale’s coronation, just like Charming demanded; he tells me that silence is a fine quality in a wife. Maybe he’ll buy me some storage to store my 500 ball gowns and 700 pairs of shoes, I’m struggling to find space.”

January 3rd 1609:

“Charming is still not back from his trip. It’s been 3 months now, despite him sending me 5,000 roses, a new kitten, hiring a new servant for me, sending tea from China and a new ball gown with Norwegian lace, but I actually wanted another horse to be honest. My chambers are full of my belongings, I feel like I have no space to breathe! Time for me to find storage space by myself. I know I’m not meant to be independent but what Charming doesn’t know, won’t hurt him, right?”

January 7th 1609:

“I’ve found a solution: I’ve done a spring clean. Well, my servants have, I’ve had enough cleaning from my younger years to last me a life time. I have stored my old and tattered belongings under the floorboards of an abandoned building near my castle. They’re nothing special, just some old jewels and coins and material and gowns and belongings that I now find tasteless. Now I have space for the new kitten I want. And possibly a pony. And some new gowns. Personally, I don’t think that’s too much of an ask.”

PS. Before I forget, I’ll write down the precise location of my belongings, just in case, what I have to do to find them is

Oh… Very sorry… The diary entries stop there, we at the Dragon Self Storage have no idea where Cinderella’s belongings are… No really, urm… We don’t know, sorry yes, very inconvenient…