Dragon Office Space Sale In Southend!

You may know the struggle of starting up your own business, it’s a tough task for anyone, but everyone has to start somewhere right? Many people will start in their homes, which is fine to begin with…until the paperwork mounts. There’s no space for deliveries and it might not always be a professional space to meet current and potential clients. Many fear making the jump into getting their own business property and moving into their own office, but why? This extra space will make business tasks run smoother and allow you a bit of peace and quiet away from any home distractions.

Additionally this allows you a postal address where your parcels will always be collected –we have all felt the irritation of popping out for five minutes, only to come home to a note saying you’ve missed an important package.IMG_0801

Our office spaces in Southend has many variations of size. If you just want somewhere a little bigger than your bedroom to do your work in, or you need a much bigger space to fit in other equipment and staff members, we have a wide variation of office space for you and your business to accommodate!

Our office space sale in Southend also gives you all the comforts of home, such as kitchen facilities so you can bring in your beloved home equipment or use what we provide as standard for you.

Inclusive of our office sale in Southend is that you will have free use parking and both the boardroom and the conference room for meetings with your clients. Not only that, but we offer free networking meetings to help you get your business recognized. Meeting new people is always a good experience and allows you to share just how spectacular your business is! Don’t miss out on these exclusive office spaces, and for as low as £199 per month you can’t go wrong! Get in contact now, you can trust the Dragon.