Don’t Fight Over Space, Store It With Dragon

17 July 2013 2:01 pm Tags: , No Comments

Is her shoe collection becoming too big to fit in the wardrobe? Are the mountains of his old Xbox games becoming the main cause of conflict? Don’t fight over the space, store it with Dragon!

All couples argue about space, whether it be personal space, or because her wardrobe is now half of his as well. If you’ve just moved in with your partner, the chances are that you’re going to need to share a smaller space than you’re used to, whilst trying to house double the amount of belongings. It can be difficult, when you’re so used to living alone, to agree where both of you will keep your things. When it boils down to actually putting your belongings away, there’s not always enough space for them. Knowing you need to dispose of some items, and actually being able to part with them are two completely different things. If you store it with Dragon, this is a dilemma you won’t have to face.DSCN0264_800x600

Within a short amount of time, you’ve also accumulated two new dining tables, an extra mattress and more pots and pans than you could ever use in your lifetime. Before you know it, your loft is caving in and you have nowhere to keep anything. Store it with Dragon and having to move into a bigger home may not need to be an option for years to come.

Clutter is one of the main causes of arguments in couples. Confining yourself to a smaller space than is necessary because the games room cum office now houses all of your laundry as well will eventually lead to unnecessary conflict in any relationship. We have a range of different size storage containers available at your disposal, which can hold anything from an ironing board to the entire contents of a three bedroom house. So if you don’t want to make a permanent commitment to part with your old jumper collection forever, store it with Dragon and you’ll be free to take it back whenever you please.