Document Storage

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Every business will eventually face the problem of storing their documents, as they will hold value and be helpful for future use. After all, many legal and financial documents need to be held for a certain period of time, so you can’t afford to lose them under piles of paper in the office. So what are your options? Put them in a filing cabinet? Of course not! The only sensible option is to put them in a self-storage unit, to keep your documents organised.

If you do choose to go ahead with a self-storage unit, it would be wise to consider the best method to store your documents and files. Not just this though, you need to ensure boxes are properly marked and arranged in the most efficient way possible.

Here are a few tips for document storage:

  • Only store what is completely necessary, it will not only save you valuable space, but could also save you money by renting a smaller unit.
  • Pack the boxes neatly to save space. It is also worth labelling your boxes by the date for organization purposes.
  • Before archiving documents ensure duplicates are removed to once again save space and confusion.
  • Consider using dividers within your packaging to store your information clearly and to enable easier access to your documents.

Here at Dragon Enterprise we store business documents for a host of clients in our secure, damp-free units. You can be sure that when you collect your belongings they will be in the exact same condition as you left them.

Contact us today at Dragon! We can store your documents in one of our units hassle free.

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