Declutter Your Home

17 October 2013 12:15 pm Tags: , No Comments

Your home is your safe haven; a place to escape. So why do we let it get so cluttered all the time? Dragon Self Storage has the solution!

There are always bits and pieces we want to keep, whether it be for sentimental value, or because one day it might come in handy (but will probably sit in the spare room for seven years). We are our own worst enemies when it comes to getting rid of things we don’t need. So, why dispose of them when you can put them away somewhere else? Self-Storage Units aren’t just for people moving home. If it’s a couple of old pots and pans or an old rubber dinghy that you just don’t have room for in your house anymore, we’ve got the space to store it, so you don’t have to throw it away! You can store any item, of any size for as long as you need to, so you never have to get rid of the old headboard if you don’t want to!

Garden sheds and garages are more at risk to weather damage. If it rains, there are more likely to be roof leaks and pools of water on the floor, and there is a greater risk of mould and mildew developing. Bugs and other animals and rodents are more likely to fester inside sheds as well, so there is a greater threat of your items being damaged by them. Self-Storage units IMG_0832are maintained to ensure there is never any water damage, and pest control keeps small, unwanted guests at bay.

Self-Storage units are designed to be secure, so your belongings are always safe in our hands. There is always a chance that your items can be stolen if locked away in a shed or a garage, for instance. CCTV cameras will ensure your units are safe at all times; security that isn’t always available at home. In the unlikely event of a household fire, some of your most treasured items will be stored offsite, so you won’t lose everything. If you want to store important business or personal documents without risk of fire in your building, self-storage could be for you!

The units come in all shapes and sizes, so they are perfect for whatever you need to put away. Contact us today to find out more!