Conference Rooms Available

14 July 2014 10:17 am Tags: No Comments

Everybody dreads meetings; the shuffling of notecards, the clicking of pens, the twiddling of thumbs and the ticking of the clock. All cramped together and knowing your luck, the sweaty man is right next to you. Admit it; you’d rather be somewhere else. But how can Dragon help you? Our meeting and conference rooms are well lit and spacious, all for a budget that’s suited to you. Every business needs a solid foundation to operate, and we can provide you with just that. So no more awkward or annoying meeting situations; sounds good, right?

However, we all imagine that the grass is greener over the other side.

Check out some of these unfortunate meeting experiences!DSCN0326 edited_800x600

· “Slipping on a highly polished restaurant floor & cruising past my clients on my behind…”

· “I twisted my ankle & fainted at the feet of a candidate I was about to interview.”

· “My all-time favourite moment is the time the person I was with was tapping her finger on her front tooth. And then it fell out!”

· “Went to shake hands with my boss-to-be. Tripped over table leg & went head first into him, knocking him down & landing on top.”

· “I once went to a meeting and a pair of my underwear fell out of the leg of my trousers. Beat that.”

· “On walking out of the interview I realised my two top blouse buttons had been undone throughout- full bra on show!”

· “My colleagues still laugh about when I got stuck in toilet during a meeting. The handle broke & I needed rescuing.”

· “At end of a meeting with potential supporter I accidently went in for a hug instead of handshake!”

· “In middle of a pitch I threw up in a client’s bin – I didn’t realise I was pregnant and had morning sickness!”

· “I once left a voicemail for the CEO of an international bank and ended it with ‘love you, bye!”

Some classic mistakes made right there! Try not to replicate these antics guys and get yourself some office space at Dragon. So even if you do cock-up you’ve got a lovely meeting room to fall back on.