Colour in an Office Environment

Colour can make a huge difference to how an office feels and how productive the employees are. If an office is bland and boring it doesn’t encourage employees as much as a bright colourful office would do. Business experts have spent years researching the positive effects that colour can have on employees in the workplace, and surprisingly there were a few! Ranging from calming, creative or even enthusiastic effects, the results were infinite. Here is a guide of what moods different colours can bring to the workplace.


Small amounts of reds and oranges in an office, like an accent wall or purchasing brightly coloured accessories can create an energetic environment. Be careful though; using too many fiery colours could evoke aggression and stress as it raises the heart rate. These colours should only be used in small amounts. A reddish palette should be used in areas where employees only spend a small amount of time like hallways, bathrooms and even the kitchen.



Yellow brightens an office space and can create a sense of happiness for employees who may be unhappy or bored during their working day. Psychologically, yellow raises self-esteem as it is associated with cheerfulness. But you should only use yellow as an accent colour. Similar to the red and orange, it can cause nervous feelings if it’s used in large amounts; yellow is a perfect accent colour in the office space.


Blues and Greens can provide a calming atmosphere in an office environment, meaning they’re perfect for a busy stressful surroundings. These colours are associated with nature so using these in the office helps employees connect with the outside world; this has a calming effect as they spend most of their day in fluorescent-lit offices.


Pastels are effective in an office space that has few windows or a low ceiling; pastel colours like peach or lilac are good for brightening a naturally dark room. These softer colours can also act like the blues and greens, in that they can be calming in a stressful office environment, which requires workers to remain calm.

As you can tell colours can transform the mood of an office space, which is why we allow you to customise your office’s colour here at the Dragon Enterprise Centre. So get in contact with our team to find out more about our office space.

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