Christmas Decorations at Work

Health and safety is at the forefront of our society at all times. Often, companies will avoid partaking in activities and if there is even the smallest risk of the safety of staff being compromised, they simply won’t do it. Spending the majority of your week cooped up in an office can be dull, especially when everywhere else looks like santa’s grotto. How can we convince your boss to hang Christmas decorations at work without the fear of one of their staff losing a leg?

You may have been told that Christmas decorations at work are banned in line with health and safety law. This really is not the case. If you do want to decorate your office, there are some precautions to keep in mind.

Any paper decorations, like paper chains and snow flakes should be kept well away from any heat source. Avoid putting them above radiators, heaters or in the kitchen to ensure they do not cause a fire hazard. Other Christmas decorations at work should also be kept away from heat sources, especially lightbulbs, to save them from burning and melting. Fires can be caused by electrical items such as old lights on Christmas tree. Ensure you turn off all electrical items when leaving the office each day, and make sure all electrical items carry the CE logo so they are compliant with health and safety laws.

When you decide to put up Christmas decorations at work, try to ensure you don’t stand on a table or chair, and use a stepladder if available. Tables and chairs could break under the pressure and leave you short of staff. Make sure all of your decorations are firmly in place, as motion sensor alarms have been known to go off when decorations fall!

Avoid using too many electrical wires and extension leads. Trailing cables can cause trips and falls and other damage hazards. Try to make sure any electrical leads, especially lights and plug leads don’t caught and tangled as this could be both a trip hazard and a fire hazard.

When putting up your Christmas decorations at work remember to comply with a rules and you’ll be good to go, without the big bad concept of ‘elf’ and safety (see what we did there?) breathing down your neck.