Chaos Never Dies

11 November 2013 11:33 am Tags: , No Comments

The 9th of November saw Chaos Never Dies day. With this in mind, how can we reduce the chaos in your life?

When a day in the year is dedicated to something it’s usually something positive. Occasions such as ‘Loving Day’ and ‘Relaxation Day’ all hold premise to taking a day out and forgetting about all the stress in your life. As we all know, life just isn’t that simple! Chaos never dies day is about celebrating the anarchy within our lives. It accepts that no matter how hard we try, there will always be occurring in our lives which will cause stress or turmoil, no matter how big or small. Chaos never dies day asks us to live for the moment, because, as the name suggests, life, if anything, is only going to get more chaotic.

Moving house is, as you’ve probably heard before, the third most stressful event in your life, after bereavement and divorce. Why is it so stressful and why do we allow ourselves to be so bothered by something which, more often than not, we choose to put ourselves through? Moving should be an enjoyable experience, which is where we come in.

Moving means you can end up stuck surrounded by boxes for weeks on end, only adding to the chaos already in your life. An increase in the stress levels mean that living for the moment is even more impossible than it seemed before. Here at Dragon, we believe in fully embracing chaos never dies day, but also feel that you should eliminate any extra stress which you don’t normal have to fully take advantage of the special day. This is why we suggest eliminating any extra boxes and belongings you don’t need before your move; out of sight, out of mind.

If your move is becoming a longer process than you had anticipated, you may have starting packing long before your final move date. Being cocooned by an array of boxes and belongings is irritating, so consider putting those bits and pieces into storage, to make your life easier. You can store it with Dragon for as much time as you need to. We promise to keep it safe.