Business at Dragon

19 September 2013 1:20 pm Tags: , No Comments

There is a national focus on computer viruses and technicians this month, as the third of October saw the annual ‘virus appreciation day’ and ‘techies day’. These two days seem to fit quite snuggly together, but how do the businesses at the Dragon Enterprise centre do this too?

We currently house over 40 businesses at Dragon, in a range of different fields. When moving into office space, one thing a lot of people do not tend to consider is what other businesses in the building can do for them. With business comes opportunity; the more people you know, the more business you can acquire.IMG_0871

If you work closely with other business there are a tonne of possibilities available to you, which can only have a positive impact on your company. All the different businesses at Dragon come together like a close knit family.

Becoming close with the office at the other end of the hall could mean that you could share contacts, boosting your list of potential clients. Recommendations are more likely to be made if you know more people. A business at Dragon suggesting your company to somebody who needs the services you provide works a lot better than finding companies on the internet that you don’t really know anything about. There’s so potential to share business leads, which further increases your chance of new clients.

There are currently businesses at Dragon who work with each other, and they all have advice they can give you, no matter what field you’re in. For example, we have a marketing team with an IT technician, which works out for the best if somebody has a technical issue they have no idea how to fix. There is also potential for their clients to work with other businesses at Dragon Enterprise Centre, so there are connections everywhere, for everyone.

Working within such a diverse and close community makes coming to work easier. You make friends in a variety of different lines of work, which creates business, and success.