Branding Your Office

26 September 2014 8:37 am Tags: , , , , , No Comments

It’s all well and good just hypothetically telling you the possibilities that you could have with our office spaces, but you deserve examples. The Dragon team took a little wander into one of our client’s offices to explore what they’ve made with their empty office canvas. Verri Berri Marketing are a naturally fun loving, bubbly team who have certainly reflected their traits through their décor.

We are welcomed into the Verri Berri office by two plush purple sofas with branded pillows, accompanied by an oak table with marketing magazines sprawled across it. The wall you immediately see as you walk in has been painted matte black, and has been turned into a blackboard that has been doodled on by the team. Next to the sofas you’ll find the fish tank, which is home to 6 tropical fish. The perfect waiting area or breakout area for lunch. Pictures of the team have been stuck on the wall, making the office feel cosier. Pillars have been painted a light purple, complimenting their company colours. Desks have been arranged into pods, so the team can communicate better with each other. Around the room you’ll find 28 Nicholas Cages all stuck in certain places (it was an originally a joke to confuse the new team member, but nobody wanted to take them down.) Looking into their kitchen area, you’ll find fantastic facilities including a modern dining table, a fridge and breakfast far, along with a much artwork making the area feel more homely.

“It’s so important to make your office space your own. It’s a key aspect of motivating your team and making them proud of where they work. The fish may be a pain sometimes, but some of the team members are like proud parents of them. Sad, I know. The Dragon Enterprise has allowed me the space and facilities to help my company grow, and I’m excited about what the future may bring. Thanks to Dragon, my business is flourishing, and new clients won’t regret trusting the friendly Dragon team.”
– Sarah Kauter, Director of Verri Berri

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