Bad Poetry Day – A Dragon Tribute

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To celebrate the little occasion that is ‘National Bad Poetry Day’ we decided to compose a great little extract featuring your favourite dragons. So put on your fine literature appreciation mind sets, and take a read!



Dragons; the figures of urban myth, ancient legend,

Terrifying claws, with a fiery weapon,

But don’t fear too much, as some are dear and kind,

Have a cuddle with Hiccup’s Toothless, I’m sure he won’t mind.

Some may seem scary at first, but your mind may soon change,

Look at Donkey from Shrek, who married one, isn’t that strange?


But don’t push your luck, it’s your tongue you need to hold,

When facing Smaug and his giant pile of gold.

Always be weary, enemies may not be what them seem,

When maleficent turns into a dragon, run away and scream!


Let’s take a delve into Tim Burton’s world,

Where Alice’s in Wonderland’s tale has been swirled.

Her pinafore, an Alice band and dress,

Replaced with armour, a sword, you could probably guess.

The Jabberwocky dragon, she’s given the task to slay,

She succeeds, the White Queen is crowned, Alice saves the day.


Some dragons are large, but some can be tiny,

Meet Mushu, Mulan’s guardian, mouthy and quite whiny!

Don’t forget, dragons are magical creatures,

The genie from Aladdin, himself as a dragon features.


Let’s take a journey into the world of Harry Potter,

Where in ‘The Goblet of Fire’, things start to get hotter.

Fleur Delacour, facing the Welsh Green,

Don’t be mis-lead however, this dragon can be pretty mean.

Cedric Diggory versus The Swedish Shortsnout,

But R Patz and his charm should win anyway, no doubt.


Here we have it, so there you go,

There are all kinds of dragons, either friend of foe.

But the best dragon of all it’s safe to say,

Is our very own storage and enterprise dragon, so contact today!

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