Are You Moving House?

Are you moving house? Or sorting through some items to put into Dragon self storage? Excellent planning is always key, so we have some top box packing tips for you and anyone you’ve managed to rope in!

  • All great stories start with a list, or at least we think they do. Prioritise your items with ‘keep’, ‘throw’ and ‘unsure/sell’ then finalise exactly what you’re putting away for now. Lists are the top choice for planning that any savvy organiser couldn’t be without- and yes, you’re allowed to write things down for the sake of crossing them off.
  • Now that you know exactly how much you’re dealing with you can calculate how many boxes you need. Remember to get your boxes in a variety of sizes to suit all of your needs, if you’re storing sports gear you’re more than likely to need tall rectangular holders and don’t forget to purchase strong tape and bubble wraps for more delicate possessions.
  • Put some method in your madness and keep items of a similar ilk together. If you’re using Dragon Self storage on a short-term basis whilst you’re waiting to move home, then you’ll save a world of time by keeping things together by categorising them to the room they belong in.
  • Don’t overfill your boxes, not only will this make them incredibly hard to lift and transport, but you also run the risk of a disaster ’box bottom break’ and we all know it’s bound to happen with the container boldly inked ‘FRAGILE’.

So there we have it. Hopefully our pointers will go some way to assisting you on your packing venture!

Should you be moving home, redecorating and need somewhere to store your furniture for a while or even in need of a longer-term storage solution, please contact our friendly team at Dragon Enterprises.