7 Ways to Transform Your Office Space at Dragon

One of the best things about the offices sites at Dragon is how much you can do with your space. Dragon Enterprise is an awesome place to have an office if you want your creativity to run free, you can transform your space like many of our residents already have. But here are 10 tips how.

1)     A paint job! One of the easiest ways to transform any space is through paint. The colour can lighten or darken a room, it can tie in your corporate branding and can provide a starting point for an entirely new look in your office at Dragon. You could even opt to paint only one wall; will it be a blackboard wall? A feature wall? Or a place to pin up ideas?

2)     Changing the flooring or carpets. Again this can be an excellent way to completely transform a room, but you should probably be practical. Where cream carpet can look lovely it is difficult to clean, go for a mixed carpet which hides dirt more easily- alternatively wooden flooring can make the right space look very modern and is unusual to see in an office space but is also easy to maintain in a busy office environment.

3)     Adjust the lighting. By altering the light in your office, it can instantly change the mood of the room, from a relaxed vibe to a bright and buzzing workplace. Lighting must be considered carefully in an office, as working conditions must be kept a priority, so choosing unsuitable lighting will affect productivity.

4)     First impressions count, so why not give the entrance to your office an overhaul. By getting rid of dull doors and boring paint jobs, your office will instantly come to life, not only this but branding office entrances can also go a long way to advertising your business.

5)     A paint job won’t be enough to make your walls interesting, consider putting up artwork on the walls. Suitable artwork (nothing too strange!) will stand out in your office and the colours will stimulate brain activity of employees, which can only be a good thing!

6)     Put some plants in the office! Plants are a great way to be a more natural feel to a stuffy office, as it is usually something associated with the outside. Not only this, but plants are proven to clear your mind, due to releasing more oxygen in the office and of course they are easy on the eye with their bright colours.

7)     It’s all about the layout. Having all your desks in the corner of the office just doesn’t look good does it? Having an open layout of desks and couches will open up your office completely, which gives a more sociable and friendly aspect to your office.

Transforming your office can have drastic effects, from boosting the workforce morale to simply making your workplace more interesting. If you are looking for an office to work in and eventually transform, get in touch with us at Dragon today!

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