5 Reasons why self-storage with Dragon is a really good idea

People regularly put down self-storage and claim that it promotes hoarding, de-values objects and can overall be a complete pain for the owner of the goods they are placing in the hands of a commercial property because storage facilities can be money grabbing, and what can you gain in return? Moth eaten sodden goods and a sour taste in your mouth? Self-storage facilities can easily be seen as the greasy car sales person of the commercial services world.

Whilst we can completely empathise with this point of view, at our self -storage locations in Leigh-on-Sea and Witham we ensure that there are procedures we take to completely reassure you our storage is the best storage facility around and more importantly, you can check we are providing the service we claim too:

1)     We have a reputation for being affordable, easy to contact and offer storage with a prime self-storage location of all different shapes and sizes from 10-320sqft perfect for you.

2)     Dragon Self-Storage Centres have 24/7 CCTV cameras running on site and individual access codes for each client which can be swiftly added and removed as our clients move in and out when it best suits them. You cannot access the building without an authorised member of personnel or your personal code. This does not only ensure the best security protection of your goods but also the protection of you personally when you are busily shifting things around long into the night which is especially good if you work long hours.

3)     We are open 6 days a week at both self-storage locations, which include 10-4 on Saturdays for viewings, queries, phone calls and emails. Our viewings are a courtesy to you, there are no obligations attached and therefore you can really get a feel of the place before putting anything on paper.

4)     We have three different services available at Dragon in Witham and Leigh-on-Sea. Our great storage facilities, virtual offices (which means that we will act as an address and call you when mail has arrived for collection) and also our offices which also range in size from 1man right up to 12 man office space which our receptionists are also an advocate for.

5)     Finally, because we specialise in having the best customer service around, we put our savings into our customers and consider exactly what it is you could want along with an open book policy. This means that you can opt to see our terms and conditions and insurance policy before signing anything- and gets straight to the point.

To arrange a no obligations viewing or have a chat with our team to see what we can do for you call us on: 01702 511 222 for our Leigh-on-Sea headquarters or for the Witham site please call 01376 388 522!

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