12 Reasons To Move Into An Office

So I googled the most annoying things about working in an office, then complied this list with reasons why this will never be a problem for you if you rent our cheap office space:

1) Noisy eaters and typers
– Okay, I lied, I can’t fix this, but due to our availability of 1 to 12 man offices it is entirely up to you whether you work in a group or soldier on alone. If you’re stuck with a noisy eater, I am so very sorry. If you aren’t, it’s probably you!

2) Lift awkwardness
– No lifts in these buildings, only stairs, excellent for first thing on a Friday morning and you wish to sneak in undisturbed. Thursday is the new Friday afterall…

3) People who leave kitchens in a state
– We have cleaners who maintain it our kitchens at Dragon, however, you’re not living with Mum so you are expected to wash up any dishes you use. But there’s also maintained toilets and both of these serviced are included in your very cheap office space.

4) Messy desks
– Again, we have one and two man workplaces for those of you who like order and cleanliness in an office. But I would like to stress how spotless our current residents are!

5) Having to spend the first half of Monday answering the same questions about your weekend
– One man offices offer a life of solitude, or perhaps you should start working with a team of people who are like you in our excellent facilities?

6) People coming into work who are ill…. And then make everyone else ill…
– Okay there is no solution to this, except that because offices are completely separate you’ll be pleased to know that if someone from another office comes in sick, you don’t have to talk to them!

7) When it’s your birthday and you are sitting there having people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you so very awkwardly
– I think the ‘Happy Birthday’ thing is lovely…. Just don’t get an office next door to me!

8) People who never reply to their emailsIMG_0824
– We have many sockets in our office for laptops, computers, TV’s, telephones, whatever it is you need. Dragon Enterprise also offers cheap and excellent Wi-Fi services so there are no excuses!

9) Colleagues who send emails sitting right next to you
– or phone calls, or texts… they are obviously just making use of the low-cost phone lines and Wi-Fi service we have available here!

10) Smug, annoyingly healthy people…
– Wait what? We don’t have one of those in our office…

11) People who never, ever make the tea
– with the offices being spacious there is enough room to place a little standing whiteboard to write rotas every week…. No excuses there!

12) Being in an office where you are so squished you are practically sitting on someone’s lap….
– Again, not a problem here, due to our clear specification of how many people will fit in an office and a chance for a no obligations inspection you know you are getting an office which is right for you.

If you need a cheap office space in a friendly, flexible environment, contact us today.